Welcome to Carbs and Crafts!

I’m a Melbournian lover of carbs and a dabbler in crafts. This website is dedicated to a portfolio of recipes, crafts and the occasional travel.  Join me as I explore the concept of craftsmanship.

What is craftsmanship?

Everyone defines craftsmanship differently. Do a google search and you will find many different versions. Many think craftsmanship only applies to physical skills, like carpentry.  Some think it’s tied to arts. Most romanticize that craftsmanship is all about being highly skilled and producing carefully ‘crafted’ quality goods. Not quite.

Craftsmanship is a lifestyle. It is not a focus on acquiring a superior status. It is not about producing the perfect flawless product.  It is about the attitude and the process of how you create. It is the respect that you give to your materials and your tools; it is about taking responsibility and accountability for your actions. It is using your mind, your body and your heart to make. It is about perseverance after a string of failures. Craftsmanship is about being a life-long learner.

The idea of craftsmanship was never taught to me as a child. Growing up, I had an interest in crafts but was never able to pursue this as I was always redirected to a strong focus in academics. It was only after university, with my newfound spare time, that I was able to immerse myself in a world of crafts. I played with clay, I played with leather, I played with wood and I played with food. And through it all, I developed a deeper sense of joy and value in everything that I do, including in my day-to-day job. I realised that craftsmanship isn’t only applicable to arts and crafts. It is in everything that we do.

So whether it is carpentry, coding, video editing or baking– anyone can be a good craftsman. Craftsmanship is about following your passion responsibly.