Jigsaw Puzzle Leather Coasters

What can you do with spare leather parts? Make something of course!

I decided to make some leather coasters with a few spare leather parts I had lying around. In the photos below, there are two different toned (coloured) leather pieces. One is an untouched vegetable tan leather and the other one is vegetable tan leather that has been oiled and darkened from the sun. It’s a very simple glue and hand stitched leather project.

I’m a fan of puzzles so I wanted to shape each individual pieces like a puzzle piece. Each individual pieces are large enough to fit a standard mug.

The overall concept of the design allows each piece of the leather coaster to be individually usable and also functional when linked together to form a bigger coaster. Irrespective of the direction the coaster is flipped (raw or dark), all pieces are able to be joined together.

‘Good food, good people, good times’.


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