Singapore Day 1- Arrival to Singapore

Day 1 in Singapore was a short day for us. We arrived in the afternoon and took an Uber to our Airbnb apartment in Geylang. We knew that Geylang is a red light district area but still decided to stay there as we found a place that was both affordable and spacious. Plus, we were told that Singapore is generally a safe country anyway!

It was a hot and humid day (like most days in Singapore), so we decided to check out the pool and rest for a bit after check-in.

We then went looking around the area and saw a few food stalls. Our very first snack in Singapore was none other than satays skewers.

Don’t forget the milk tea

And then we went looking for more food…

Finally, we settled on getting chilli crabs from the famous JB Ah Meng restaurant. They have good reviews online and specialises in white pepper crab. Tired from our flight, we opted to get some takeaway and enjoy it at our apartment.

It was a lot of food for two people but we ate it all. The photos don’t do it justice but it was an enjoyable first night meal. The crab had a nice chilli and peppery flavour. The fried noodles had a distinct smoky flavour and accompanied the crab really well.

Bellies full, we spent the rest of the night planning the next day’s itinerary.

Stay tuned for Day 2!


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