Singapore Day 2- Orchard and Marina Bay

On Day 2, we woke up early to heavy rain and huddled our way to Orchard Road.

We first made a quick pit stop to Irvin’s to get some salted fish skins and potato chips as souvenirs. Irvin’s has several chains throughout Singapore selling only three products- salted egg fish skins, salted egg potato chips or salted egg cassava chips.

Tasty chips

We opted to go for the chain in Orchard Gateway. And WOW…we waited in line for one and half hour (we were there 30 minutes before the official opening time).

As you can see in the video, it was a very long line. When we arrived at first we thought the line was deceptively short (see that partition before the outside!) but soon found out that the line extended to outside the building.

  • Tip- If you are planning to get Irvin’s try and go earlier. They do have limited stock so it’s first in best dressed.
  • Pro tip- you can buy Irvin’s at the airport after you pass security. The best thing is that they are cheaper as GST is not included. However, like all other stores stock is limited so you won’t be guaranteed to buy a pack if your flight is in the afternoon.

Bag full of chips and fish skins, we then went on our way to check out the shopping area in Orchard.

Decided on quick lunch at the food court (Food Republik) for some iconic Nasi Padang and Hainan Chicken.

We then scurried on to our next destination, the famous Marina Bay! Upon arriving at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (by MRT), we walked our way to Gardens by the Bay.


This place is amazingly pretty. There are several attractions within the place. Some paid and some free. Below is a list of some of them main attractions:

  • Supertree Grove (free)
  • OCBC Skyway (paid)
  • Flower Dome (paid)
  • Cloud forest (paid)
  • Sun Pavilion (free)

With the day’s limited time (and the rain limiting our movement), we opted to see the Supertree grove, OCBC skyway and the Cloud Forest.

Note: the entry fee for the paid ones were expensive (SGD$28) but well worth the money in my opinion.

Our first attraction, the Supertree!

The Supertree is a very iconic, inverted-like umbrella structure. The Supertree was very photogenic despite the weather. It had rained and thunderstormed earlier in the day but the photos still came out rather nice. It’s definitely a place worth visiting and the best part is that it is free! At night, the Supertree lights up and at certain times (7.45 and 8.45pm) there is a light show that comes on complete with music. Sadly, we missed seeing this show as it was raining too heavily on that day.

The next attraction is the Cloud Forest. This place is literally a magical giant greenhouse enclosing a forest and fitted with a skywalk. Both the ground portion and the upstairs portion offers a great view. They kept the air quite cool in the dome which made it incredibly refreshing and relaxing. It’s a very unique place.

Colourful gardens
There’s even a waterfall
Breathtaking upstairs view

Our final attraction is none other than the OCBC skyway. The skyway is a long bridge placed between a Supertrees. Its was nice and breezy up in the bridge. The view was amazing and it was cool to see the Supertrees so up close. This whole place has a modern futuristic vibe but still retains a strong focus on the vegetation. When most people think of modern and futuristic, we think of a concrete jungle full of skyscrapers. So  it’s quite a special and unique place. Unfortunately, we were only given a time limit of 15 minutes to walk through the bridge.

Note: You can also go up the bridge at night, but be warned that’s when it would be packed with people!

After spending a bit more time in the Garden (ok, I’ll admit it, we did get a little lost trying to find our way out), we returned to the Marina Bay shopping centre. We wanted to get up to the observation deck and tried to go up to the Sky bar. Unfortunately, they were renovating so we couldn’t enter. Feeling hungry, we decided to have an early dinner instead at a nearby Hawker centre, the Makansutra Glutton’s Bay.

We went a bit overboard and ordered four dishes: Hainan chicken, fried kuay teow, chilli crab and satay sticks. The Hainan chicken and fried kuay teow and satay were decent but the chilli crab was bit of a let-down. It tasted like they used bottled chilli sauce instead of home made sauce.

(Yes that is my second hainan chicken for the day. I will NEVER get tired of it!).

After dinner we needed to kill some time and went to the shopping centre to check out the casino. It’s two floors worth of games but wasn’t that interesting. But entries were free for foreigners and there was free drinks (water and a hot beverage machine) which we helped ourselves too.

When it was almost 8pm we left to go watch Spectra light show at the Event Plaza along the promenade. It is a free outdoor light and water show with showing times at 8pm and 9pm (10pm as well on the weekends).

As the show started the rain became heavier and it was hard to distinguish whether the water was coming from the rain or the show! Nevertheless, the show was very fun; it was a perfect harmony of synchronised vibrant lighting effects, dancing water fountains and a lively soundtrack. It was very mesmerising especially with the sky-high buildings in the backdrop. I highly recommend everyone to watch this. It was a great end to the evening for us.

We did have prior plans to go back to the Supertrees to watch the Rhapsody light show. However, as the rain did not let up, we decided to go back home and rest for the next big day!


Fish skin first taste test back in the apartment.

(Sorry for the video quality on this post- lazily filmed with my mobile)

That crunch though! After having the chance to taste the fish skin, I think it’s a little overrated. Don’t get me wrong it is a good mix of saltiness and crispy deliciousness, but not worth the painful 1+ hour wait and price. Still though, if you get a chance give the chips or fish skin a try!


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