Singapore Day 3- Sentosa Island

On Day 3, we once again woke up to a rainy Singapore. But this time it was heavily thunderstorming. Undeterred, we still made our way to VivoCity to get to Sentosa Island. VivoCity is a large shopping complex and is the gateway to Sentosa Island. There are several ways to get to Sentosa from VivoCity. You can take the monorail, walk to Sentosa or take the MRT.

Sentosa is a man-made island built for entertainment. There are many attractions available at Sentosa including Universal Studios, SEA aquarium, Tiger Sky Tower and even man-made beaches along the coast. Today, we opted to go to Universal Studios.

At the entrance of Universal Studies we sprung for the express passes so we didn’t have to wait too long in line. Figured it was rare that we would go to a theme park so might as well make the most of it. These passes were expensive, approximately SGD$50 on top of our entrance fee but lets us skip the long line and use the fast lane. And boy, was it worth it! We did not wait more than 10 minutes for any of the rides. We ended up saving a lot of time doing this and actually got to squeeze every single ride in one day!

Couldn’t get a clear shot!

Universal Studios was bigger than I imagined and just like many theme parks, they had specific themed sections.

Best ride of the day was the Battlestar Galactica cyclone. It was super thrilling but quite nauseating as the ride went backwards as well. When we got to the entrance the waiting time was 1.5 hours. Luckily, our express passes allowed us to get seated within 10 minutes.

There were also many activities other than rides, like rock climbing.

Rock Climbing

Pro tips:

  • You can pre-purchase Universal tickets online for a cheaper price than buying it on the day. Check out sites like Groupon (Fave) or Klook.
  • I would also recommend buying the express passes if you are into the rides so you could save a bit of time on the day.

The prices for food within the theme park was expensive and the variety wasn’t great so we left Universal to go to the nearest food court (Don’t worry you can get yourself stamped to get back in to the theme park if you do decide to leave and come back). We settled on a food court nearby for some wonton soup and refreshing ice kachang.

After our late lunch we went back in again for more rides!

Finally, at 7pm we left for our next destination in the island at Siloso beach to catch yet another light show. Unlike the Spectra show, this one was a paid show for approximately SGD$16. At the time we went, they were showing the Wings of Time. This is an outdoor night show set on the beach with water, laser and fire effects beautifully synchronised with music.

The story’s premise is of a giant magical bird that travels back in time with the help of two kids.

It was an impressive pyrotechnic display complete with a full storyline and soundtrack. The show ran for about 25 minutes and was worth every penny.  I would highly recommend everyone to watch this.

After the show, we rode a cramped monorail and embarked on a long journey to get home.
Pro tip:

  • Everyone crams into the monorail to get home after the show. So if you want to avoid the crowding, leave straight after the show!
  • You can pre-purchase these tickets online to avoid the long lines. You might also get a good deal when you pre-book.

When we reached our MRT station there was a couple with a cart selling ice cream sandwiches. Not one to turn down ice cream, we bought the durian and vanilla ice cream flavour (I LOVE durian).

That’s it for our action packed Day 3. Stay tuned for our final day in Singapore.


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