Singapore- Introduction

Singapore is a small yet highly developed country. When I think of Singapore I think of a clean city, the famous Singapore chilli crab and the iconic Merlion unofficial mascot.  It is a quite a unique place, featuring sky-high buildings and abundant investments of nature. Perhaps the most unique aspect of Singapore is the wealth of man-made attractions.

My partner and I had the amazing chance to spend four days in Singapore as an extended layover on our trip to Taiwan. It was four days filled with delectable food and captivating night views.  Below is my top tips and my four day itinerary.

Top Tips:

  1. Bring or prepare to buy an umbrella. Being geographically located near the equator, Singapore is hot, very humid and rainy all year round. It was raining all four days during our trip with thunderstorms two out of the four days. However, we found that heavy rain came in short bursts so it did not ruin our plans for the entire day.
  2. Be wary of the law. As a local pointed out to me, Singapore is a ‘fine’ country. Things like eating or drinking on public transport and littering on the streets will warrant a fine if caught.
  3. There are a lot of version of chilli crabs. So if you’re a fan of crabs, do try them all. There is the standard chilli crab, the white pepper chilli crab, and the salted egg yolk chilli crab.
  4. Singapore has free wi-fi in most attractions. Since we were in Singapore for a short period of time we didn’t get a SIM card or a pocket wi-fi. Luckily, the majority of places we went to had free public wi-fi so we did not run into any issues during our trip.

Itinerary Overview

Day 1- Arriving in Singapore and eating chilli crab

Day 2- Orchard Road & Marina Bay

Day 3- Sentosa Island

Day 4- Singapore River & China Town


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